3D at Depth Continues Expansion of Marine Robotics Solutions

Press Releases / 15/03/2022

Subsea LiDAR laser technology leader, 3D at Depth, announces the newly engineered Cuvier DEEP.

3D at Depth Receives 8th Patent “Systems and Methods for Monitoring Underwater Structures” From U.S Patent Office

Press Releases / 22/02/2022

3D at Depth, the global leader in subsea LiDAR laser technology, announced that it has received a new patent 11.249.193, “Systems and Methods for Monitoring Underwater Structures,” from the U.S Patent and Trademark Office. The patent’s claims focus predominantly on leak detection and identifying changes to surfaces and volumes on and around underwater assets via the company’s patented active optical measurement device.

3D at Depth Receives New Patent “Underwater Optical Metrology System” from U.S. Patent Office Expanding Its Portfolio to Include Seven Issued Patents

Press Releases / 13/10/2021

Committed to the continual improvement of its Subsea LiDAR (SL) technology, 3D at Depth is awarded its seventh U.S. patent.