Subsea LiDAR Laser Overview

3D at Depth’s subsea laser technology is named SL for subsea LiDAR. The portfolio of subsea LiDAR (SL) SL3 and SL4 laser systems were designed to address the needs of the subsea construction, survey, and inspection industry in terms of range, accuracy, field of view, depth, and integration.  The result is a system that integrates a unique optical design, a custom high sensitivity receiver, a sub-nanosecond pulsed high peak power solid-state laser, high-speed electronics, and patented processing methods to provide the accuracy and ranges required for subsea measurement tasks. The unique features of subsea LiDAR technology provide touchless, total beam control scans, multi-return Time of Flight (TOF) data formats and ranges up to 45 meters during the data collection process. Each SL laser pulses 40,000 times a second and can receive over 16 multi returns per pulse, which are filtered through software. Each base image is made up of 2.1 million measurements per sector to provide highly accurate 3D LiDAR point cloud data which can be measured, analyzed, and exported into any existing GIS systems, CAD based platforms, or other visualization and analysis tools.

3D at Depth offers our subsea LiDAR systems on a lease basis for short or longer-term projects.  The systems have flexible configuration and easily integrate on a variety of ROV’s, AUV’s, surface vessels, and diver systems. Each system is fully redundant with spares of each component. (Non-redundant systems are also available for trials and non-critical path projects.)

Optional components are available and include:
Point Cloud Processing Laptop with Leica Cyclone Modeler and Registration software
Power and Communications Interface(PCI) – An interface between the ROV 110 VAC and copper ethernet communications and the SL sensor; the PCI bottle comes with two pigtails for integration.

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