Dynamic LiDAR Moving Platform

Speed, Accuracy and Coverage

The Dynamic LiDAR Moving Platform is a tightly coupled subsea LiDAR and Inertial Navigation System (INS) data collection technology that increases subsea survey efficiencies in terms of speed, accuracy and coverage.  The mobile mapping solution leverages the unique features of subsea LiDAR’s controllable beam by providing a number of different scan patterns. Data collection resolution can be configured by the user for defined cross and forward track resolution. These features allow for longer range, repeatable measurements with normal standoff distances at 15m or more. Highly congested areas, sensitive environmental, archeological and historical sites can be mapped with less risk to the protected area. 

Accurate, Precise, High Density 3D Point Clouds

Easy integration into existing GIS and CAD based platforms

Flexible Deployment and Integration

ROVs, AUVs, Surface Vessels

Multiple Scanning Heads per Vehicle

Forward/backward/sideways/downward beam directions

Controllable Beam

Cross track resolution, configurable/multi-scan patterns

Depth Rating

3,000m standard (4,000m optional)

Reduce HSE Risk

Increased range, low impact and environmental footprint

Dynamic LiDAR Product Sheet