3D at Depth and SEA.O.G Offshore announce a collaboration focused on fully integrated sustainable survey and Integrity solutions to the offshore energy industry.

Press Releases / 28/06/2021

LONGMONT, Colo., June 28th, 2021 /PR NEWSWIRE/ -- 3D at Depth Inc., the world’s expert in commercial Subsea LiDAR (SL) laser technology, and leading provider of fully integrated underwater survey services along with SEA.O.G Offshore, who operate out of New Bedford, Seattle, and Houston, today announces the collaboration agreement focusing on all marine energy markets with a goal of reducing carbon emissions for subsea survey operations, offering integrity in a new way.

3D at Depth Delivers Subsea LiDAR Metrology to Support North Sea Project

Press Releases / 20/04/2021

Subsea LiDAR Metrology Delivers Survey Value and Project Construction Benefits

3D at Depth Launches Worldwide Offshore Geophysical Survey Services Business

Press Releases / 23/02/2021

3D at Depth announces the launch of its offshore Geophysical Survey Services division. The new division will provide optimized surveys to support both nearshore, inshore, and offshore deepwater development activities focused in the areas of offshore wind farms, pipeline routes, environmental site surveys, offshore hydrocarbon projects, and civil engineering surveys. The Geophysical Survey Service division is supported by a team of experienced LiDAR experts, 3D data specialists, geophysical, and hydrographic professionals providing a multi-disciplined approach to guide, identify and analyze data acquisition initiatives across survey campaigns.

3D at Depth Launches SLn™ Technology Solution for Accurate, Streamlined Inspections for the Nuclear Industry

Press Releases / 14/01/2021

3D at Depth has announced the launch of its patented SLn™ nuclear solution. SLn enables rapid, accurate, measurable, underwater nondestructive survey campaigns to help utility operators improve the safety, reliability, and long-term productivity of their nuclear energy plants.

3D at Depth Launches Remote Sensing and Remote Data Control Technology

Press Releases / 20/06/2020

With the onset of the COVID- 19 pandemic; the recent downturn in the industry, and the race to advance autonomy into offshore oil and gas operations, 3D at Depth quickly phased in the technology as part of their current standard services.