SL3n - Nuclear Inspection LiDAR

The patented SL3n LIDAR laser solution is a proven, accurate, and reliable technology that expedites crucial decisions across the nuclear supply value chain.

Innovation is ushering in a new age for the nuclear power industry. Enabling technologies deliver solutions that can increase plant economics, support operational and maintenance efficiencies, and reduce risks in the areas of health, safety, and environmental (HSE) requirements.  Consistent, proactive inspections of critical assets are the best assurance for safe, cost-effective operations. The SL3n solution enables rapid, accurate, measurable, underwater, nondestructive survey campaigns. Nuclear utility operators can improve the safety, reliability, and long-term productivity of their nuclear power plants.

Foreign Object Search and Identification

Detect, Locate, Identify, and Measure

Fuel Assembly Gap Measurements

Mitigate Human Error, Evaluate, and Verify

Visual, Underwater, Nondestructive Inspections

Preventative and Proactive Survey Data

Metrologies, Vibration Analysis and Monitoring

Preemptive Data for Operational Efficiencies

Engineering Measurements and Fabrication Support

Accurate, Millimetric 3D Data to Build, Fabricate, and Install

Support for License Renewal/Subsequent License Renewal Inspections

Document, Validate, and Expedite

Balance of Plant Water System Survey Inspections and Measurements

Inspect, Evaluate, and Diagnose