Hybrid ROV / AUV

Fully Integrated Solution

3D at Depth’s containerized, fully integrated ROV Subsea Vehicle Inspection and Survey Solution designed to optimize mobilizations by transforming an open deck vessel to a survey and inspection platform in less than 18 hours. Deepwater assets and Offshore wind operators, owners and Energy providers can now reduce expenditures and risks while lowering offshore man-hours, decreasing carbon footprint without sacrificing quality by providing measurable and enhanced information.

This comprehensive inspection and survey solution incorporate a hovering supervised autonomous or tethered ROV package with 360° maneuverability with 6 degrees of freedom, inertial navigation tightly coupled with 3D at Depth’s patented subsea LiDAR (SL) SL4 laser system, multibeam echosounder, side scan sonar and other available sensors to deliver high quality data.

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3D at Depth’s patented Subsea LiDAR (SL) LiDAR laser with remote sensing technology adds an extra layer of measurement and repeatability.

Fully Integrated

The sensor payload is fully integrated with customized electronics and software to allow the AUV/ROV to act as one tool, enable one set-up and require one mobilization for multiple survey deliverables.

Optimized Mobilization

Transform an open deck vessel to a survey and inspection platform in less than 18 hours with our pre-set containers and equipment inventory.


The small footprint requires minimal transport and shipping costs.

Hybrid AUV / ROV Brochure