3D at Depth Continues Expansion of Marine Robotics Solutions

Partnership News / 15/03/2022

3D at Depth, the global leader in commercial subsea LiDAR laser technology, continues expansion with a marine robotics solution. It is proud to announce the launch of the newly engineered and renamed Cuvier DEEP. This automated underwater solution combines class-leading sensors and high-end system performance with operational efficiency and unparalleled data quality in one solution- leveraging 3D at Depth’s new SL4 technology released in late 2021.

Neil Manning, Chief Operating Officer, stated, "Our fully integrated marine robotics solution allows us to not only expand our service offering but also continue to offer high data quality from the SL4 Subsea LiDAR and other geophysical, electromagnetic measurement and inspection sensors used across the marine energy and inland energy generation facilities. We have developed the new service delivery and application by evolving the trusted and highly stable hovering unmanned 3000m deep-water dual-hull SAAB Sabertooth Underwater System. The system design has then been modified to enable greater endurance and more diverse sensor payload integration, meaning both greater in water operational time and higher data capture accuracy for our clients. Our innovation has been heavily influenced from years of marine design and operational experience to unlock an operationally unique platform with incredible agility. The result is a highly adaptive work platform that greatly reduces the on-deck turnaround time due to a modular power solution. The increased endurance of up to 30 hours (depending on the mission requirements) exceeds all market comparable solutions currently operating in the marine AUV/UUV market. Cuvier DEEP is supported by impressive communication options including fully untethered supervised autonomy. Small fiber optic or powered cabled solutions means the system is configurable to meet all asset integrity work scopes covering deepwater offshore energy.

The name Cuvier DEEP is inspired jointly by George Cuvier (1769-1832) and the Cuvier beaked whale. French-born academic Cuvier had many attributes and studies during his career, with one particular focus on him establishing proof that many species like dinosaurs had become extinct in ages past. Cuvier therefore proposed, that after each series of major ecological events, new species had been created.

For the blue economy, global climate change and energy transition can be related as a major ecological event. Cuvier’s work on extinctions was incorporated into Charles Darwin’s theory of natural selection and survival of the fittest. Cuvier also expressed multiple evolutionary changes would happen at the same time following a catastrophic event, stimulating forced evolution in species. This is in keeping with the multiple modifications that we’re applying both to the SAAB Sabertooth hybrid AUV/ROV and to our service applications”.

Manning also stated “If that wasn’t enough, the Curvier beaked whale’s performance in many aspects is similar to the specification that we’ve engineered for the Cuvier DEEP. With a similar length and a diving depth of around 2992m, the Beaked Whale holds the record for the longest and deepest diving mammal. With this impressive backdrop, the Cuvier DEEP name seems a perfect fit."

Over the following months, more technical information will follow that is focused on the System launch and recovery solution, a subsea habitat, and widespread sensor wing innovations and manipulation. All of these solutions are set to shake up the blue economy “norm”. Cuvier DEEP will deliver a new level of efficiency alongside the data quality standards expected by the clients of 3D at Depth. 3D at Depth continues business growth through innovation and a focus on lowering carbon and vessel time savings, from crewed and un-crewed surface vessels.