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3D at Depth’s corporate expertise in subsea LiDAR laser technology delivers innovative solutions and advanced engineering and design projects for federal, state and local government agencies and defense contractor organizations. Project work spans a wide range of applications focused on advancing safe, quality subsea LiDAR laser technology to solve the challenges of underwater 3D data collection, management, visualization and analysis. The Company has undertaken a series of contracts both non-disclosed and disclosed including RPSEA (Research Partnership Securing Energy for America) Ultra-Deepwater (UDW) grants. 

Through the RSPEA UDW program, 3D at Depth leveraged mature, land-based LiDAR and remote sensing technologies and best practices adapting these to the ultra-deep water environment. The goal was to provide cost-effective, safe, innovative 3D data collection and management technology to help solve the challenges of Offshore Inspection, Maintenance, Repair survey operations. The result was the 1st commercially available subsea LiDAR (SL1& SL2) laser technology for the Offshore Industry.

Today the Company has advanced the technology worldwide, providing SL1, SL2 and SL3 subsea LiDAR systems and Survey Support Services to help map, monitor and evaluate underwater assets, structures and environments.   

About RPSEA and the  UDW Program:
RPSEA is a unique 501(c)(3) non-profit, national consortium with a membership comprised of the nation’s premier research universities, national laboratories, other major research institutions, large and small energy producers, and energy consumers. RPSEA demonstrated success of technology transfer initiatives has supported over 170 successful projects – several commercial, RPSEA’s projects have improved safety, reduced environmental risks, and increased U.S. energy security. The Research was funded through a program established under the 2005 Energy Policy Act that directed $50 million per year to the DOE’s National Energy Technology Lab (NETL) which funded research managed by RPSEA. The program lasted 8 years and expired in 2015. Going forward the program will include a focus on onshore, offshore, and harsh environmental/arctic environments through legislation for reauthorization.



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