Subsea LiDAR (SL) Survey Services

Our Subsea LiDAR Survey Support Services optimize underwater survey campaigns through a comprehensive range of client deliverables designed to enhance workflow efficiencies, support engineering and analysis and provide insight into long term asset and environment integrity. From data collection and processing, through visualization and analysis, clients can reduce risk, increase survey efficiencies and extract greater insight from their underwater 3D survey data. One tool, multiple applications with 3D data delivered in a cohesive industry standard format. ‚Äč3D at Depth’s offshore survey support team also provides expertise in the following areas: Inertial navigation, online survey operations. legacy 3D acoustic data collection and LBL products. 
Precise, Accurate, Millimetric, 3D Point Clouds for the Next Generation Digital Oilfield
  • 1:1 3D Scale Models
  • Measure in 3D and Manage in 4D
  • Export and integrate into any existing GIS systems or CAD based platform
  • Deliver near real time access
  • Reduce risk and increase efficiences across the subsea survey value chain

Survey Support Services

Measure in 3D, Manage in 4D