3D at Depth Launches SLn™ Technology Solution for Accurate, Streamlined Inspections for the Nuclear Industry

Partnership News / 14/01/2021

Feldon Barlow Tapped to Direct Nuclear Business Operations

LONGMONT, Colo., Jan. 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- 3D at Depth Inc., the world’s expert in commercial Subsea LiDAR (SL) laser technology, and leading provider of underwater survey support services and 3D data solutions, has announced the launch of its patented SLn™ nuclear solution. SLn enables rapid, accurate, measurable, underwater nondestructive survey campaigns to help utility operators improve the safety, reliability, and long-term productivity of their nuclear energy plants. 3D at Depth developed the nuclear measurement and survey solution around the unique features of its proven Subsea LiDAR technology—originally commercialized for the oil and gas industry in 2014. One tool, one set up, for multiple survey deliverables provides an optimized inspection campaign to reduce risk and decrease production downtime. SLn combines LiDAR optical hardware with a powerful backend software engine to generate robust, millimetric, repeatable 3D data sets that provide critical information for reliable inspections, preventive maintenance, control, and engineering analysis. Every Subsea LiDAR 3D data set is delivered in near real-time and can be exported into any standard format. The LiDAR enabled long-range, large area scan coverage is not dependent on supplemental light which reduces glare and shadow anomalies for enhanced image capture. In addition, the SLn solution allows for easy integration, analysis, and validation of archival data to help with regulatory and licensing requirements. Nuclear plant operators can quickly compare and evaluate archival data with current actual survey data. This feature is unique to subsea LiDAR 3D data sets and has positive implications across regulatory license renewal inspections to allow plant operators (owners) to have flexibility and control in their process.

3D at Depth first evaluated the use of commercial SL inside a nuclear power plant with the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and the South Texas Project (STP) in October 2019.

3D at Depth and STP then went on to evaluate the application of the SLn technology solution. Trial results included non-destructive visual exams, validated engineering assumptions, and provided critical 3D data for Foreign Object Identification. 3D at Depth and STP found that the SLn technology solution and LiDAR usage helped to reduce critical path time with an overall decrease by 15 hours for outage refueling services.

Today, 3D at Depth officially launches the commercial version of the SLn nuclear survey solution, the SL3n with expanded functionality. Nuclear plant managers can now make more informed decisions across their operations to reduce outages, decrease maintenance costs, and limit downtime. The Company sees significant potential for future projects in the areas of fuel assembly gap verifications, spent fuel pool weir gate measurements, tank inspections, intake structure inspections, and license renewal inspections. Along with the commercial launch of SLn, the Company also announces that industry veteran Mr. Feldon Barlow will join the team to lead their nuclear and utilities-based business line.

“Feldon has an impressive track record across the industry,” stated Carl Embry, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer of 3D at Depth, Inc., “and we look forward to the expertise and insight he provides from a client perspective. There are many parallel concerns and issues between oil and gas operators and nuclear utility operators. We found that our design approach of “one tool multiple applications” in subsea oil and gas also applied to nuclear utilities where we see the same technology solution and patent portfolio applying to many underwater problems encountered by nuclear utilities.”

“Throughout the South Texas Project, I saw firsthand the transformational capabilities of 3D at Depth’s SLn Underwater LiDAR technology,” stated Feldon Barlow, Program Manager Nuclear Projects. “With the results achieved over the past two years, I see a positive impact for the nuclear utility operators especially in the areas of reduced maintenance time, shorter less costly outages, and increased plant efficiencies.”

Prior to joining 3D at Depth, Barlow served as the Refueling Supervisor and Project Coordinator for the South Texas Project where he was instrumental in reducing outage costs and helped increase quality performance. Barlow’s prior experience includes management roles at Entergy Corporation and Westinghouse Electric Company where he was responsible for supporting successful project outcomes. With over twenty years of quality improvement and project management across suppliers and vendors, Barlow is able to bring a perspective to customer service that benefits nuclear utilities through cost reduction, higher quality products, and more reliable data.