3D at Depth Presents on behalf of the Society of Underwater Technology on the Repeatability of Optical Measurements in the Subsea Environment and the Importance of Index Refraction Correction

Whitepapers / 15/11/2018

The offshore Oil and Gas industry are always improving and learning regarding integrity and operational benefits for accurate, repeatable condition monitoring that can measure the current location of subsea assets relative to adjacent structures. 

The ability to take terrestrial 3D or “dimensionally controlled” accuracies subsea using proven LiDAR technology has been impeded due to refraction index which distorts light-based measurements through varying mediums of water.  For accurate, repeatable measurements in the subsea environment, a mathematical correction needs to be applied to correct for light distortion. Further, a robust optical design enables the accuracies and repeatability only found with industrial grade terrestrial measurements which advertise at 2-3mm. 

This presentation sets to show real-world examples that knowing the unknown is not enough; visualizing and measuring with accurate and actionable data is the game changer. The ability to manage, improve and extend subsea integrity due to subsidence, thermal expansion and/or vibration is now possible using this proven subsea LiDAR technology.