3D Subsea LiDAR Systems and Survey Support Services

Control the Beam… Control the Data… Control the Return

3D at Depth is the world’s leading expert in subsea LiDAR laser technology. Our advanced subsea LiDAR laser (SL) systems and survey support services help customers transform the value of underwater 3D data. From data collection and processing, through visualization and analysis, 3DD delivers precise, repeatable, millimetric 3D point clouds to measure, map, and evaluate underwater assets and environments.

Our portfolio of SL1, SL2 and SL3 laser systems are powered by in-house patented algorithm software. Each survey application leverages the unique features of subsea LiDAR technology including total beam control with longer ranges up to 45 meters during the data collection process. Our subsea LiDAR solutions place photons where you want them, when you want them. 3D at Depth’s multi-tiered data management, processing, and analytic service allows clients to extract greater value from their 3D survey data.

This comprehensive range of client deliverables is designed to enhance workflow efficiencies, support engineering analysis, and provide insight into long-term asset integrity. The result is robust, measurable 3D data sets with reflectivity, which easily integrate into existing GIS systems or CAD based platforms. One tool, multiple applications, delivered in a single cohesive data format for total asset awareness. 3D at Depth’s subsea LiDAR VR Platform, “Powered by IQ3Connect” is an immersive collaboration tool. It connects multiple users and key decision makers via any laptop, desktop or smart device through a secure web portal. Measure in 3D and manage in 4D, for greater insight and more effective decisions across the survey value chain.

Founded in 2009, the Company is focused on innovation and best practices for 3D data collection, visualization and analysis. 3D at Depth’s office locations in the US, UK and Australia support client survey operations around the world. The Company, Employees and Board of Directors (BOD) are committed to conducting business in accordance with the highest standards of health, safety, security and environmental policies and laws. 3D at Depth’s core values are built around integrity, honesty and exceeding customer expectations.

Carl Embry

Chief Executive Officer

Carl Embry is the Chief Executive Officer for 3D at Depth. As one of the Founders, Carl led the original team that developed 3D at Depth’s underwater LiDAR laser sensors from the initial modeling and prototype through commercialization. Embry has spent over 20 years in the optical and opto-electronic systems industries working for large publicly traded companies and small emerging companies. Embry’s full program management has been evident through every phase of the product life cycle. He  has delivered innovations and best practices across the telecommunications (fiber and free space) and active optical remote sensing systems (lidar and active imaging) industries. His hands-on approach and technical experience in research, design, development, field testing, and manufacturing have allowed him to bring advanced technologies to market with a low-risk approach.  

Embry started his career at Hewlett Packard (HP) and HP Labs in Silicon Valley where he worked on free space and fiber optic communications.  He then moved to a Colorado start-up company, Cielo Communications, that developed Giga-bit transceivers for fiber optic communications.  From Cielo, Embry moved to Coherent Technologies, which was eventually bought by Lockheed Martin (LM). At LM he served as a Research Scientist and a Program Manager of LiDAR system projects and he was also heavily involved in business development. During this time, Embry spent a half year as a visiting researcher at the Universidad de Concepcion in Concepcion, Chile.

With a Master’s of Science in Electrical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Embry is listed on numerous technical papers, reviews technical papers for the SPIE journal Optical Engineering, and has been awarded 12 US patents.

Neil Manning

Chief Business Development Officer

Neil Manning is responsible for the guidance of 3D at Depth’s corporate strategy and investment programs, and works closely with executive leadership on the development of the Company’s proprietary (IP) system engineering and software technology.  As Chief Business Development Officer, Manning manages the firm’s marketing, sales and business partner programs worldwide.

Manning’s career spans over 20 years in the offshore Oil and Gas and Submarine Network Telecommunications industries with a focus on system and subsea engineering solutions. His successful record of initiating strategies to enable business growth has resulted in expanded operations and sales along with advancements of new technological solutions to solve industry problems. 

Throughout his career, Manning has led a variety of international corporate expansion efforts that resulted in fast-track growth or acquisition. During his recent tenure at CDL Ltd., Manning was a key point person for the sale of the Company to then-Teledyne Technologies.  As the Business Development and General Manager at Seamap, Manning helped bolster company annual revenue growth by 5x. During his short tenure at Cortland Companies as Houston General Manager, he assisted with the company sale process by leveraging market strategy and corporate positioning.

Corporate Values and Commitment

3D at Depth's business success depends on the commitment of our Company, Employees and Board of Directors (BOD) to our core values. We do more than just comply with laws and regulations, we support a corporate culture built around the following core values: