Christina Maschmeyer

Operations and Client Lead - USA

Chrissy Maschmeyer is the Operations & Client Lead for the Americas Region of 3D at Depth, located in Houston, Texas, USA. She is responsible for the commercial lifecycle of projects, as well as providing project management for regional operations to meet and exceed client expectations safely and efficiently. 

With over 9 years of offshore experience, Chrissy brings a scientific approach to operations management stemming from her background in academia and oil and gas exploration consulting. Chrissy’s offshore career began in academia as a marine geophysicist working with NOAA, MBARI, and BOEM as a graduate student at the University of South Carolina. Her research focused on building machine learning classifiers to accurately detect seafloor features from hydrographic data. Chrissy then joined the Seeps Exploration group at Fugro as a Senior Lead Scientist. She managed the lifecycles of multiple international geophysical and geochemical exploration projects for clients such as Shell, Repsol, and Petronas, among others.

Chrissy joined 3D at Depth in February 2020 as the Americas Operations & Client Lead where she applies her strong technical and client-facing background to the evolution of subsea LiDAR projects in the energy industry. Chrissy welcomes the dynamic environment of subsea energy development, and she will happily discuss how 3D at Depth can meet the challenges of tomorrow with any prospective client.