Carl Embry

Chief Executive Officer

Carl Embry is the Chief Executive Officer for 3D at Depth. As one of the Founders, Carl led the original team that developed 3D at Depth’s underwater LiDAR laser sensors from the initial modeling and prototype through commercialization. Embry has spent over 20 years in the optical and opto-electronic systems industries working for large publicly traded companies and small emerging companies. Embry’s full program management has been evident through every phase of the product life cycle. He  has delivered innovations and best practices across the telecommunications (fiber and free space) and active optical remote sensing systems (lidar and active imaging) industries. His hands-on approach and technical experience in research, design, development, field testing, and manufacturing have allowed him to bring advanced technologies to market with a low-risk approach.  

Embry started his career at Hewlett Packard (HP) and HP Labs in Silicon Valley where he worked on free space and fiber optic communications.  He then moved to a Colorado start-up company, Cielo Communications, that developed Giga-bit transceivers for fiber optic communications.  From Cielo, Embry moved to Coherent Technologies, which was eventually bought by Lockheed Martin (LM). At LM he served as a Research Scientist and a Program Manager of LiDAR system projects and he was also heavily involved in business development. During this time, Embry spent a half year as a visiting researcher at the Universidad de Concepcion in Concepcion, Chile.

With a Master’s of Science in Electrical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Embry is listed on numerous technical papers, reviews technical papers for the SPIE journal Optical Engineering, and has been awarded 12 US patents.