Advanced Engineering and Design


Our professional engineering and design team provides technical expertise and best practices for the development, design and build of custom engineering projects for subsea and marine customers worldwide. With backgrounds that span aerospace, telecommunications, consumer electronics and the offshore oil and gas industry, the team has an interdisciplinary approach to drive innovation, launch new products, and bring new ideas to commercialization.

3D at Depth’s engineering capability focuses around our high-level optical design, software control, and data processing expertise. With our in-house developed stage-gate process and proven track record, the team has successfully brought new technologies to market.

Optical Design

  • Optical design including thermal and manufacturing tolerance analysis
  • Subsea pressure window design
  • Fiber system design

Software Design

  • Custom sensor and processing
  • User interfaces
  • Application programming interface (API)
  • Automation and Embedded Control
  • Real time processing
  • 3D data processing and manipulation • Algorithm development

Electronic Design

  • Power
  • Signal processing
  • Control
  • Embedded systems
  • High speed electronics and opto-electronics

Mechanical Design

  • AUVs, ROVs, Surface Vessels other subsea Tooling
  • Opto-mechanical and mechanical design
  • FEA, Vibration, Packaging, Subsea housing
  • Test and Simulation

Data processing

  • Data Analytics
  • Simulation
  • Data workflows
  • Change detection and analytics

System Design

  • System Architecture for subsea components, especially optically based
  • System level sensor performance modeling, eye safety certifications
  • Project management – initial concept to production


  • Incoming Inspection System
  • Inventory Systems (MRP)
  • Material Control Process
  • Document Control System
  • Manufacturing Test Systems
  • Software Revision Control System • Internal/In Process Audits


  • Reliability – temperature cycling (air and water), vibration, shock, drop
  • Component and system level tests (air and water)